Friday, 19 July 2013

The P-Ho Diaries

Paula Holmes, creator of exceptional lifestyle blog 'The P-Ho Diaries' is by far and wide my favourite blogger. I love the design of her website and she is a truly gifted writer; so articulate and personable.

I invited her to interview so I could share with you a little about the inspiration behind starting my own blog, 'Behind the Scenes'. I asked Paula what it meant to be a blogger, and how it all began.

So... How long have you been blogging - and how did it all start?

“I started The P-Ho Diaries just over a year ago now. At the time I was working with a lot of bloggers in my day job so decided I wanted to start myself. It started off as a sort of diary, hence the name, focusing on what I was getting up to in London. Now it's become a hub to share my passion for fashion and food plus everything in between. It has grown a lot in just a year so I'm very proud and happy with what I have achieved so far.”

What do you love the most about blogging?

"I love writing! So for me it is a place to write away until my heart is content and people actually read it. I think the key to blogging is writing like no one is reading that way you always write honestly and people enjoy it more (I hope!)

Of course they are a few perks, like being given free products to try and being invited to fashion & lifestyle events. I think more recently the media have released how important bloggers are for promotion, so that's good news for me and the industry."

Having met you at a press conference earlier this year, are there any upcoming projects, events or major London shows you will be attending?

"I'm about to see the comedy Ladykillers to review on my blog, which should be fun. I also have partnered with UGG boots for a great giveaway, where my readers can enter and choose a pair of UGG's of their choice, so I'm really excited about launching this competition."

What is the best thing about your job as a blogger?

"I guess doing what I love, I never feel like its work as I enjoy it so much. I never moan about having to write a post and work all hours, so I guess it must be true love! It also gives me time to work on my other projects; I also work as a freelance writer and social media consultant so I am able to split up my time easily."

What about other passions in life? What do you enjoy?

"I do love to write, I am currently writing my first novel which I have been going on about for two years but now finally have the time to do it! I love travelling and hope to go away again this year. I just got back from Miami which was amazing."

Paula, it has been a privilege to interview and meet you! I hope we will hear and see more of you in the months and years to come!

If you fancy following Paula and her amazing blog, you can Like her on Facebook, Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest. I urge you to give it a go and get involved!

P.S. Keep an eye out for the novel – you heard it here first!

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